What we offer at ArtDECL

Cowork Chair SmallArtDECL is an exciting new arts-based business incubator managed by the Darebin Enterprise Centre Ltd (DECL).

The concept of the facility is based on the highly successful and internationally recognised small business incubation program developed by DECL.

ArtDECL’s business incubation program is specifically targeted at businesses working within the creative and digital arts fields. The incubator is located in Northcote, just outside of Melbourne.

The program offers clients:

  • Office space
  • A professional address
  • Networking opportunities with other client businesses
  • Business support and mentoring through the business incubation program
  • Access to fully equipped kitchen and bathroom facilities

The five year survival rate for businesses participating in incubator programs is 90% Рalmost twice the rate of non-incubated businesses.

David Williamson, CEO