Pollen is involved in multimedia, with a focus on mobile phone app, website, and game development.

Websites are developed from scratch, usually based on open-source content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, or SilverStripe. Previous projects include the Koko Black website and a game-based training application for DP World.

When developing training-related games, Pollen uses the same technology as game developers, but utilises the interactive 3D element to simulate the workplace.

Pollen undertakes a lot of work in the community sector. It is currently building a platform for endangered Indigenous languages. This is a crowdsourcing application to assist with the documentation of language, empowering the community to save their own language rather than rely on a linguist.

Other work that Pollen would like to focus on is social media strategy and integration.

Reach Matthew de Moiser at Matt@polleeninteractive.com.au or on (03) 9018 9219.