SEO Meetup

SEO Meetup

This morning artDECL hosted an SEO Meetup small business event.

Vivian presented on the topic, but kept the floor open for conversation for everyone to ask questions and share their experiences. We had a great turnout and discussed the specifics of everyone’s search engine optimisation efforts. Continue Reading

Social Media Meetup

Today we put on a Meetup to get business owners together, with social media as a central theme. It was a chance for attendees to learn from the presentation, ask questions, and share experiences – and it was great! Continue Reading

The Future of Video Content

Video content is quickly becoming vital for the success of businesses online. According to this Cisco report, by 2019, “consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.”

This predicted rapid growth is due to consumers’ preference for video content. We are choosing to fulfill our information and entertainment needs with video – and if small businesses do not include it in their online marketing strategies, they will inevitably fall behind. Continue Reading

Pendo Finance: Good Time to Change Jobs?

Jordan from Pendo Finance has written a blog on “Job Hopping…When is the Best Time to Change Jobs?

He discusses interesting facts about employment statistics and job hopping, whether there is a good time to change jobs, and whether starting a new job affects your ability to get a loan.


MailChimp A/B Testing

MailChimp is an email marketing service provider with fantastic functionality. You can organise your contacts into lists, create campaigns and save them as templates, view reports on recipient behavior, and more.

Recently, MailChimp have released a new function: optimizing your email with more powerful A/B testing. Continue Reading