About ArtDECL

The concept of ArtDECL

ArtDECL was established in 2010 after two years of extensive planning. The Darebin Enterprise Centre in conjunction with the City of Darebin refurbished the former Northcote Police Station in James Street to utilise as business incubator office space. Northcote is well-known for being a hub of creativity just out of Melbourne, providing an inspirational location for the businesses in residence.

The concept of ArtDECL builds upon the highly successful and internationally recognised Darebin Enterprise Centre – with the main focus and mission of the facility to assist newly established digital arts businesses during the critical initial growth phase.

This project has received support from both the City of Darebin and local community.

The facility itself has the capacity to accommodate up to twelve client businesses and provides critical services such as financial management, basic website development, marketing strategies, networking opportunities and legal/governance knowledge. 

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